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mac cosmetics wholesale cheap cosmetics Cheap Authentic/Stretch marks can affect anyone who faces an abrupt weight changes. It may affect children in their adolescent years or men who are into bodybuilding exercises. However, stretch marks affect women the most and in 90 per cent of the cases, pregnancy is the causative factor. There are many creams for stretch marks available on the stores but choosing the best one for your skin type can be challenging. Stretch marks may appear as red, purple or pink streaks or might show up as indented lines or silvery patches. These marks are commonly seen on stomach, thighs, breasts, upper arms and lower back. Bodybuilders usually get these marks on their shoulders from rapid muscle mass gain. What Causes Stretch Marks As the name implies, stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched out excessively; often beyond their normal limits of elasticity. However, unlike in the past when men and women had no option but to live with these marks for life, today there are various options available to get rid of stretch marks. Creams for stretch marks are sold under various brand names and formulations. They all boast of delivering the best results and claim to eliminate the appearance of these lines and streaks quickly. Some women prefer using surgical methods and laser therapy to get rid of stretch marks because these methods deliver results faster. However, the downside is that laser treatment and surgical procedures used for removing stretch marks are painful, highly invasive and can cause you loads of inconvenience. Besides, you need deep pockets to complete these multi-session treatments. Some women choose these methods out of compulsion because it can potentially affect their career adversely. Advancement in medical technologies has now provided women the option of minimizing the appearance of stretch marks with the help of creams and lotions. Advanced creams for stretch marks have been found to be effective in minimizing the look and feel of stretch marks after just a few weeks of regular use. Do Home Remedies Really Work? Home remedies for stretch marks have been around since decades but their effectiveness and their ability to actually make a difference to the appearance of stretch marks remains debatable in the absence of concrete scientific validation. Ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, Vitamin C, retinoids tend to perform better than home remedies. However, skincare experts say that these ingredients just keep the skin moisturized. This gives the appearance of these marks fading but they appear as prominently as before once the moisturizing effect wears away. One of the brands making waves on the stretch mark cream market is Celtrixa. The brand comes fortified with a blend of advanced, scientific ingredients to minimize the appearance of those ugly sores. It contains clinically proven ingredients that visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The brand is specially formulated to noticeably reduce the unsightly appearance and color of stretch marks. There are dozens of creams for stretch marks available on the stores but Celtrixa has proved to be different. That because the advanced scientific topical formulation visible reduces the appearance of stretch marks. The results are visible after just weeks of use. cheap cosmetics Designer handbags by Lulu Guinness If you don already own a Lulu Guinness luxury handbag then youe almost definitely missing out. Designed by Lulu Guinness herself, a well known fashion accessories designer, each of the luxury handbags reflects her strong personal style, as well as the many original design ideas she has. 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